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Please make sure that you read the consignor instructions prior to entering items into your online inventory account. If you fail to do so, you may have items that we are unable to accept when you drop off. Please refer to the Consignor Instructions and Specifications and the Pricing Guide for detailed information and tagging information so that your items are presented in the best way possible to sell.

Consignors who use the tagging service will receive 60% of their sold items. Consignors who do not use the tagging service will receive 70% of their sold items.

Girls clothes at consignment sale 3t
Tagging kids consignment items


Things to Remember When Entering and Tagging Items:

Safety pins must be used to attach tags to clothing. Otherwise, tags are likely to fall off.

White cardstock must be used to print tags. Copy paper is too thin for tagging, and it will tear easily. Items tagged with copy paper will not be accepted.

The brand name of the item must be typed in the first line of the description of the item in the inventory system. If the tag falls off, being able to search the brand name will make it easier for us to locate the item in our system during checkout. For a full list of tagging requirements, read the consignor instructions


Do you find yourself with a busy schedule, short on time and unable to tag items yourself? Sign up for tagging service here.



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