Sweet Repeats Consignor Instructions and Specifications


  1.  Register Online
  2. Organize Your Items
  3. Entering Inventory, Tag Printing, and Tagging Items
  4. Drop Off Items to the Sale’s Location
  5. Shopping Perks
  6. Picking Up Unsold Items
  7. Receive Earnings From The Sale
  8. Acceptable And Unacceptable Items
  9. Misc Instructions
  10. Pricing

Register Online as a New or Returning Consignor 

Visit our signup website at Consignor Signup

Follow the provided steps to register and pay your registration fee via Square. You will receive invoice once you sign up.

  • If you would like to utilize the tagging service, click Request Tagging Service on the website.


Organize Your Items to Consign

  • A list of acceptable and unacceptable items that can and can not be entered into the sale is listed below.
  • To participate in this sale, a minimum of 10 items is required to enter into our inventory system.
  • We recommend that you wash, iron, and sort your items by gender and size prior to bringing them to drop off.
  • Be sure to sign the Consignor’s Agreement.


Entering Inventory, Tag Printing, and Tagging Items

  • Login to your consignor homepage and select “Work with Active Inventory”. Enter all of your items into our system’s inventory, and be sure to include the brand name of the items in the description of the items. This will help us to locate items in the system that have missing tags at checkout.
  • Be mindful of the deadline date to enter items into the system’s inventory. When all items are entered into the system, place white cardstock into your printer and print your consignor tags. Remember—do not use colored paper or thin, copy paper as it will tear easily.
  • After each of your tags are printed, cut out each tag and attach them with safety pins as the tagging instructions explain.
  • Some materials that you may need when preparing for the consignment sale: computer or laptop, white cardstock (for tags), printer with ink (printing tags), appropriate hangers (velvet or hard plastic), rubber bands (to separate items by gender and size), safety pins (to attach tags)



Drop Off Items to the Sale’s Location

  • Come to the sale’s location during the drop off hours, and drop off your consigned items to sell to the volunteers present. All items should be tagged on cardstock (with the tag in the appropriate place on the clothing/item) and sorted by gender and size. All items must be separated on hangers that are in separate garbage bags by gender and size. Please do not rubber band each size together. 
  • Label all tubs and containers that clothing and items are dropped off in with your name and consignor number so that no pieces are misplaced. If you are choosing to donate all unsold items, please drop your items off in a cardboard box. If you are wanting to get your unsold items back after the weekend’s sale, please be sure to bring your items in a laundry basket or plastic tub that we will return to you at pickup.
  • Your items will be looked over by volunteers and taken to the sale’s floor to be sold. If your items are considered unacceptable, they will not be placed on the sale’s floor and will be returned to you at the conclusion of the weekend’s sale unless marked “Donate”.

Shopping Perks

  • Consignors and volunteers can shop the presale time listed on the home page. Tell friends and family about the sale and share the social media posts to promote the sale. We want plenty of shoppers so that your items will sell quickly over the weekend!
  • Find us on Facebook at Sweet Repeats Children’s Consignment to receive updates about the weekend’s sale. 

Picking Up Unsold Items

  • All items that did not sell over the weekend can be picked up on the day and time of pickup. At pickup, your unsold items will be sorted for you to take with you, except those items marked “Donate”, which we will donate to foster children and families in need in our community.
  • All items that are not picked up by the pickup day and time will be donated to a facility to support foster families. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Receive All Earnings from the Sale

  • Consignors who tag their own items will earn 70% of their items that are sold.
  • Consignors who utilize the tagging service will receive 60% of their items that are sold. Consignors will receive all of their earnings from the weekend by a check in the mail, and will be sent to the address listed on the consignor’s account. You will be notified via email when all payments have been mailed.
  • Sellers Reports will be available only at the consignor’s request through Monday (2 days after the sale). After Monday, the system will be closed out to begin the next sale, and a seller’s report will not be available to consignors.

Acceptable and Unacceptable Items

At Sweet Repeats, we only accept the very best, gently worn or used children’s clothing and items. We will not accept anything that is torn, ripped, broken, stained, or outdated. If you have toys or equipment that requires batteries, please be sure to include batteries so that we know they are in working condition. Clothing should be washed and ironed, and toys cleaned before being brought to the sale to give them the best appearance and help them sell quickly. Fall and Winter items should be sold at the Fall and Winter sale, and Spring and Summer items should be sold at the Spring and Summer sale. We will not accept the incorrect season’s clothing. Items or clothing that Sweet Repeats organizers do not consider acceptable will not be placed on the sale’s floor to be sold at the weekend’s sale.


Acceptable Items:

The current season’s girls and boys clothing sizes newborn to 14/16

Books, DVDs, videos, games

Toys, educational materials, games/tools, board games, puzzles

Sporting equipment

Baby items such as: crib sheets, children’s bedding, crib bedding, blankets, towels, bottles and accessories, etc.

Baby furniture such as: cribs, rocking chairs, changing tables, etc.

Baby gear such as: high chairs, strollers, walkers, bouncers, play mats, bumbo seats, sit me up seats, bathtubs, infant carriers, potties, etc.

Prenatal equipment and breastfeeding pumps

All seasons of maternity clothing

The current season’s children shoes sizes newborn to children’s 7


Unacceptable Items:

Outdated, smelly, ripped or worn clothing

Carseats and booster seats

Off season clothing

Clothing larger than size 14/16

Stuffed animals

Toys without batteries

3-letter monogram items

Clothing with missing buttons or zippers


Misc Instructions

All clothing must be in the current season!

Please be sure it is washed, (preferably) ironed, and hung on the correct hangers. Plastic hangers are acceptable—NO wire hangers, please.

When clothing items are hung on hangers, the hanger should make a question (?) mark.

The tag should be attached with a safety pin on the front, upper-lefthand side of the clothing.

Smaller accessories, such as: bibs, bows, socks, hats, etc. should be placed in a Ziploc bag with the tag taped to the outside of the bag. Please use clear, packing tape to tape the bag closed so that items will not fall out or be removed from each bag during the sale.

All clothing must be sorted and separated by gender and size BEFORE it is dropped off to the sale location. 

As you enter items into the inventory, be sure to include the brand name of the item in the item’s description. This will help the volunteers and organizers be able to locate items with missing tags at checkout.



If the toy has small pieces, please be sure to place all small pieces in a Ziploc bag and attach the Ziploc bag to the toy so that it stays together during the sale and the pieces do not come up missing.

If a toy requires batteries, they must be included in the toy so that we know they are in working condition before selling.

Tags should be taped to all toys so that they are not ripped off.

Outdoor toys should have tags attached so that they are not ripped off.

Stuffed animals are not allowed due to hygiene issues!

Puzzle and game boxes should be taped shut, and the game pieces should be inside a Ziploc bag so that they are not lost during the sale.


Baby Gear and Equipment:

Please make sure that every part of the item is cleaned well and clear of spit up and food, etc.

Car seats are not allowed!

Items that are accepted are: strollers, play gyms, pack and plays, exersaucers, basinets, bumbo seats, bouncers, swings, walkers, furniture, play mats, etc.



Books should be bundled together with string or rubber bands and priced, or they can be individually priced (above $3) and the tag should be attached to the back cover of the book.


Knot the shoelaces together to keep the pair together throughout the sale. You can also place each individual pair of shoes in a Ziploc bag with a strip of clear, packing tape to close the bag so that items will not fall out or be removed from each bag during the sale.


Pricing Guidelines

You are in charge of setting the prices for all clothing and items consigned at Sweet Repeats. All items must be priced in whole dollar increments.

Remember when you are pricing your items that the items being sold are secondhand. Be reasonable with pricing, and think about what you would pay for it if you were to purchase it secondhand.

No item should cost less than $3 at the sale.

Items that are clean, ironed, smell good, and are on hangers the correct way will catch the customer’s attention and be more likely to sell quickly.

On the final day of the sale, the last few hours, you have the option to sell your items for half of the price that you originally priced them for. More of your items are likely to sell this way if they have not already sold in the sale over the weekend. If you choose to discount your items, please select “Discount” when you are registering and entering all of your inventory into our online system.

Pricing will depend on the quality and name brand of the piece of clothing or item. Again, you are able to determine the price of your items. Below is a guide to pricing items during the sale:

Smocked and Boutique Items: $10-$20

Popular brands: $14-$20

Pants and jeans: $3-7

Shirts and shorts: $3-$6

2-piece outfits: $5-$10

3-piece outfits: $7-$14

Dresses, bubbles, jon jons, rompers: $8-$12

Baby gear and equipment: 30% of retail

Furniture: 30% of retail

Large toys: $5-$10

Riding/Outdoor toys: depends on condition